Newgrounds vs GD?

2017-05-07 21:55:45 by jdogisbest

Should GD and Newgrounds really be having a "war"? The purpose of GD using Newgrounds for audio was for them to work in harmony, where song artists got more downloads and views, and GD users got to use awesome songs in their levels. There is a system to root out these copyrighted songs, which is scouting, but if you are really concerned, update Newgrounds so that each song has to be scouted. The problem is with the people uploading copyrighted songs, not with GD or Newgrounds. So a message to all copyright uploaders: "STOP. If you really want to use any songs in your GD levels, use uncopyrighted ones. Using copyrighted songs may force Newgrounds to be taken down. Then you will have ruined the experience for everyone. So make a remix, make your own songs, and if you really can't resist, DON'T USE NEWGROUNDS. Please, let everyone enjoy the experience of Newgrounds songs in GD and don't ruin it."

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2017-05-08 00:41:44

You're like a few months late, bud.
RobTop and Tom fixed this issue and now you have to be white listed to have your songs in GD, and also, remixing songs is actually against the rules because they're remixes of copyrighted songs which isn't the most "legal" thing ever to do on here, same goes to ripped midis and things you haven't made like "loops" or whatever you call those, and NG and GD both help each other, none of them are better than the other.

jdogisbest responds:

Thanks! I seem to be late on everything (see happy 2017 post) lol